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UPDATED: Fallout 76 Hotfix and release notes coming later today

by: Dan -
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Earlier today, I posted about Bethesda having to issue a hot fix to correct bugs they reintroduced into Fallout 76 with this week's patch.  originally, the time frame for the fix for the fix was to be later this week or early next week.  Well, apparently Bethesda is going for the over-delivery method to try to win back some goodwill by issuing the patch well before the promised delivery.

So expect Fallout 76 to go offline for all platforms at 3:00PM EST today, and depending on the list of fixes, it could be down briefly or for a substantial amount of time.  Once we have the release notes, we will add them to this post.
[UPDATE: DAN] The hot fix was completed about 10 minutes ago at 4:11 PM EST.  Patch notes so far have not been released, but today's Inside the Vault outlines issues that were corrected in depth.