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Bethesda need Hotfix to correct bugs reintroduced into Fallout 76 with latest patch

by: Dan -
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Apparently the bad vibe around Fallout 76 didn't stay in 2018, as we ave our first issue with the game since the calendar turned to 2019.  During the Patch earlier this week, apparently the devs accidentally reintroduced some previously corrected bugs back into the current version of the game across all platforms. 

How does this happen you ask?  It shouldn't, ever.  However, when you have multiple teams working on separate sections of the game, sometimes there is a build that one group has that may not be the most current, and while their updates are good to go, the bad code that has the bugs get reintroduced into the patch that is rolled out and bugs magically get put back into the release.  Anyway, Bethesda intends to have the Hotfix out end of this week or early next week to correct the issues, as they aren't critical to game play, but just a hindrance.  Below is the Reddit post from Bethesda Support explaining the issue:

Hi everyone,

We are aware that some issues were unintentionally introduced (and reintroduced) in Patch 5, including problems with Bulk Junk autoscrapping, Known Plan/Recipe tags in the UI, Bobby Pin weight to reverting back to 0.10 lb, and others. It appears that a merge of internal development builds failed to execute properly prior to releasing Patch 5. The team is working to identify how this happened so we can prevent this from repeating in the future.

We recognize that some of these issues, like the ones listed above, can critically affect your moment-to-moment gameplay. Because of that, we plan to issue a hotfix on these items as soon as possible. We are currently developing and testing the hotfix, and expect to deploy this update at either the end of this week or the beginning of next. As soon as we have a confirmed date, we will follow up.

Planned fixes include the following:

  • Bobby Pin weight will be reduced once again to 0.001 lb.
  • Bulk Junk will be available for crafting.
  • (Known) Plans/Recipes will no longer show up across characters.

Thank you for your continued feedback and flagging these issues as you see them.