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Check out this very laid back Let's Play of Total War: Three Kingdoms

by: Nicholas -
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The devs behind Total War: Three Kingdoms just can't seem to hold themselves back. Dropping on their YouTube channel a Let's Play clocking in at just under 25 minutes, a dev takes viewers through one of the longest reveals of the game to date. 

Playing as Liu Bei of Guanxi, the player fights against the spymaster Cao Cao, who was the centerpiece of their last showcase. This video shows a more complete overview of what a campaign might look like, spanning seasons, turnover in rank, promoting heirs and council members, as well as upgrading weapons and adding pieces to your kingdom that will help it thrive. 

Through this particular Let's Play, which you can view in full below, we see Liu Bei's faction lose people to dissatisfaction, only to reappear in a rival's army; taking an opposing stronghold; and propping up various parts of the kingdom. 

Again, the game looks complex with system upon system that players will have to keep up with. But it doesn't look unmanageable. Gear, advisors secondary to your council members, and even marriage, children, and doling out heirs play a role in the game. 

The video contains two battle segments, which tease only a few exciting moments of what could be awaiting players in the final game. In the final battle, where Liu Bei has pushed back Cao Cao, he captures three of his generals. The dev states that while the player has the power to execute the generals, doing so will damage the bond with your council members and diplomatic relations with your enemies, and make further enemies of the friends of the deceased. On the other hand, you could also sway them to your side.

Total War: Three Kingdoms comes out March 7th, 2019. Watch the Let's Play below.