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News Roundup: Harry Potter and the Pinball Constructor

by: Randy -
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  • EA Mythic's Director of Community Relations, Sanya Thomas, is permanently outsourcing herself.  Catch the exclusive exit interview.
  • WarCry also snagged an interview with Todd Harris, Executive Producer of the sci-fi spy MMO, Global Agenda.  (Here's the debut trailer.)
  • City of Heroes recently turned 3, and they're setting up a contest:  What makes a hero great?
  • Okay, so you think superheroes are weak.  Well then, Warhammer Online has two new contests for its fans.  It's time for artists and writers to pick up the hammer.
  • See what happens when the Design Lead of Diablo turns his attention to Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising.
  • Silverfall makes an appearance over at Killer Betties.
  • It's all about the Benjamins.  Well, it'll only take one Benjamin, actually.  Here's the eVGA GeForce 7600 GS 512MB Video Card.
Thanks to Legit Reviews, Killer Betties, 3DXtreme News, AtomicGamer, GamersInfo.net, and WarCry for today's News Roundup.