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The Spy Segment of Total War: Three Kingdoms is one facet of a complex game

by: Nicholas -
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Total War: Three Kingdoms, the ambitious upcoming historical RTS from Creative Assembly, gets a new bit of info courtesy of the game's YouTube channel. In it, we see how the game's intricate warmaking gameplay is influenced by its spy mechanic. 

In the video, which you can watch below, the dev controls Cao Cao, one of many characters players can control in their quest to rule China. The campaign sees the dev in the middle of dismantling the tyrannical grip of Dong Zhuo. The dev takes a look at a world map, and can flip through eight filters which show things like overall control, regions controlled by allies and enemies, and others. Each faction leader, Cao Cao included, have their own special skills that can assist in the quest for control.

In the video, the spies work by players relinquishing control of them in order to infiltrate rival factions in undercover fashion. Generally, this is by sitting in a rival faction's recruitment pool, with players choosing a number of options therein: including Infiltrate Army, Leak Marching Orders, Deny Military Supplies, Falsify Marching Orders or Poison Military Provisions, and that was just under general actions. But just because a spy begins work for one faction leader, doesn't mean that they will stay that way. They can break off, forming their own faction, or betray their liege and side with the rival. This is one among many ways in which player quests can play out.

Total War: Three Kingdoms releases March 7th, 2019.