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Newest Inside the Vault covers a variety of Fallout 76 topics

by: Dan -
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Looks like Bethesda is back to publishing a weekly version of their Inside the Vault series covering topics around Fallout 76 now that the holiday season has passed.  This week's edition doesn't have a looming patch to cover, so they touched on a multitude of topics.

The main thing they covered was the state of exploits in the game: 

We want Fallout 76 to be a happy and healthy world for all players, and we know that there are concerns with players finding and abusing exploits. We’re working hard to find, fix, and address these as they show up. The number of players raising these to our attention has been incredibly helpful in our process of getting to the bottom of these exploits and we greatly appreciate it. We want you to know that we take these exploits and those abusing them VERY seriously.

Once identified, we work very closely with our Support team to remove problem players that are abusing these exploits - whether that’s the duping exploits or those using cheat apps or mods to access areas in-game that are otherwise inaccessible (and unintended) for players in the game world. As we continue to change the game, we fully expect to identify new issues, but we will continue track and resolve exploits.

If you think you are experiencing an exploit, stop using it immediately and let our Support team know in a ticket.

If you feel you have experienced an issue regarding another player, including observing them using an exploit, we encourage you let our support team know by submitting a ticket here.

Next was the feedback and impressions on Patch 5 that wrapped up this week with the console release:

Early feedback from all of you on the latest patches has been very positive. It continues to help us to squash bugs with Super Sledge-like authority in future updates. Keep the awesome feedback coming – it’s making a big difference!

We’re still targeting the end of the month for Patch 5, which will have another big wave of fixes. As a change moving forward, we will be working to make sure that Inside the Vault is the first place you see Patch Notes released. Patch 5 notes won’t be finalized until later in the month, but we want to give some more information on a couple planned changes for Patch 5.

  • Changes to the Two-Shot Legendary Mod: The Two-Shot Legendary Mod will be undergoing a few balance changes in this next patch. We know that there has been some frustration over how powerful this mod is, especially when it comes to being the victim of it. With Patch 5, the damage bonus for Two Shot legendary modded weapons has been reduced to +25% damage, and the Two Shot legendary mod can no longer be looted in the world.
  • Mod Scrapping No More: We are aware of the aggravation involving mods being accidentally scrapped. Patch 5 will be implementing a fix so that loose weapon and armor mods must be scrapped manually to be used in crafting and repair.

Appealing to the community to help shape in-game events:

As we’ve stated time and again, your feedback is crucial to making appropriate changes and improving the overall player experience. This week we’d like to hear your thoughts specifically on in-game Events. Specifically, aspects of Events that you really enjoy and want to see us double down on, and areas we can improve.

Please share your feedback in our forums here or join our friends at Reddit to let us know what you think. Some of our biggest questions include:

  • Which events do you feel are most rewarding to you?
  • Which events do you not care about doing or dislike? Why?
  • Which events do you prefer to play in a team vs. solo? Why?
  • What types of events would you like to see in the game?How do you join events? Do you fast travel? Do you go to a location expecting to start an event?
  • How would you feel about bonuses for completing a daily or weekly event?

Because players come into Events at various stages in time, another thing we’re talking about is how to provide you with a greater sense of the Event’s current status. We know it can be disheartening to spend your hard-earned Caps travelling to a location – only to discover upon arrival that the Event has already concluded. We’re still working through this to come up with a resolution. Providing your feedback to our questions and any further information you’d like to share on Events will help us come to a better solution to any frustrations you may be having.

Because we’re getting more and more of the launch bugs addressed, we expect our Inside the Vault features to focus more on quality of life improvements and new/free content arriving in the game.

And lastly, covering plans for the future:

You may recall late last year we mentioned we’re working on a new way of playing the game that removed PvP restrictions. While we’re still doing some tweaking and adding, we thought we’d give you a little more info to go on. Think it of it like playing the game you’re playing right now, but with no PvP rules. We want to introduce significantly more tension, drama, and consequences with every encounter with another human player. We’ll go further into this new mode next week.

We’ll also have more to share on other new content and features soon. While it’s a little early to give specifics, we can tell you that our first major content update will roll out over several weeks, consistently adding new activities to keep the world feeling fresh and ever-changing!

Until then… see you in Appalachia!