Ubisoft subbing out Ghost Recon: Wildlands crates for inability to deliver in-game promo item

by: Dan -
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UBISoft is trying to do the next best thing for their Tom Clancy Ghost Recon: Wildlands players that are Ubisoft Club member.  After there was a hiccup in the ability to deliver an in-game costume to Club members that play Wildlands, Ubisoft stepped up and are issuing 1 Spec Op (campaign cosmetics) and 1 Ghost War (PvP Cosmetics) crate in its place to those affected.

This is a similar approach the company took with For Honor players who were severely impacted by connectivity issues back in December.  Below is the statement issued by Ubisoft:

Dear Ghosts,

Unfortunately due to technical difficulties we are not able to implement the Teammate Marketing Costumes into the game to be redeemed via the Ubisoft Club. As a thank you for your patience and understanding, we will be giving everyone 1 free Spec Ops Crate and 1 free Ghost War Crate.

This will be awarded to your account after a short maintenance on January 22nd.

We will update you with more information regarding the time of the maintenance soon, please make sure to follow this thread.

The Ghost Recon Team