Diablo III Patch 2.6.4 now live and notes released

by: Dan -
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Blizzards keeps churning along with Diablo III even though folks are looking for an announcement of the next game in the series, and with that brings another update.  Yesterday, the company released notes on Patch 2.6.4, which has a heavy emphasis on updating certain class sets bonus percentages based on observations and player feedback.

In addition, some quality of life enhancements were made including five additional armory tabs, Legendary Potions no longer stored in inventory, Greater Rift Keystones now in materials tab, and some changes to look and feel of Primal Legendaries.  There is also a couple tweaks to the current season (Season of Grandeur) and Greater Rifts.

Overall, some good stuff and worthy changes by the team.  You can see the details on all the updates of the patch at the official page.