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Me Likey the new Total War: Three Kingdoms trailer

by: Nicholas -
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We've written about Total War: Three Kingdoms, a new Creative Assembly title, which takes place in 190 CE in China amid warring Chinese states. So it's funny that we, over here at least, have gotten the first bit of information since first reporting on the game in over a year. 

The description from the press release reads as follows:

"This realm of breath-taking natural beauty lies fractured, torn asunder by power-hungry warlords each vying for control of China's future. Lush subtropics, iconic mountains drenched in mist, and tranquil golden rivers serve as the backdrop for the for the bloodiest period in ancient Chinese history"

The newest trailer for the game blends these two themes magnificently. Filmed with in-engine footage, it follows a lone character traversing the landscapes of China equal parts beautiful and ruined. The narrator asks, "Who will fight, not for greed, but for peace?"

The press release continues:

"Zhuge Liang, an incredibly talented strategist, is willing only to serve an honourable master. In this age of boundless greed, hope of finding someone worthy seems lost. Until he meets the kind and virtuous man of the people, Liu Bei. Together, they will fight to bring peace to China and restore harmony to its embattled landscape".

The trailer shows this meeting. The description accompanying the video (which you can view below) states that it showcases the lands that the player's dynasty could stretch across. This leads me to assume that players will be controlling Zhuge Liang, but knowing these types of games, there could be a number of characters that we are yet to encounter before the game releases on March 7th, 2019.

Although I've yet to see any gameplay, it seems that, based on the footage shown here, that it'll at least look darn good.