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Inside the Vault details Jan 14th patch and how to claim your Classic Collection

by: Dan -
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Bethesda started a new feature last year called Inside the Vault to reach out and keep Fallout 76 players updated on the direction of the game and any major announcements.  The first Inside the Vault for 2019 dropped today, and it contains info on the upcoming Jan 14th patch as well as details on how to claim your Classic Collection if you played Fallout 76 at any point in 2018.

For the Jan 14th patch, much like the Dec 11th one, will focus on issues raised by the community along with improvements to stability and performance.  The patch notes will likely be out later this week, but the promise is to address "issues with several Challenges and quests, various fixes to a number of Perks and weapons, and tackling various exploits we’ve seen."

A second patch is also being worked on for later in January, with the expectation that it will "continue to add fixes for issues being voiced by the community, including the number of plans Vendors have available, fixing a few Legendary mods, and continuing to address issues with some Perks."

The last part of the newsletter was how to claim and install the Fallout Classic Collection on PC that was promised (kind of as a Mea Culpa for the sub-pat Fallout 76 experience) to anyone that played the full version of Fallout 76 on any platform in 2018.  the collection was originally Bethesda's reward for pre-ordering the game on their own store. Below are the instructions to claim your copy if eligible:

To install the Classic Collection, just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download and run the Bethesda Launcher for PC
Step 2: Sign in to Bethesda.net with your account credentials
Step 3: Install the Fallout Classic Collection titles from the Games menu

NOTE: You will have to filter on "Classics" and install Fallout, Fallout Tactics and Fallout 2 individually.