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CES 2019: Samsung's two gaming monitors at CES

by: John -
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Samsung didn't have too much new in the gaming department, but there were two monitors on display.

The CRG9 49 is the most impressive looking of the two with a curved 49" VA panel offering up 5120x1440 resolution. Max refresh rate is 120Hz and it supports FreeSync 2 for adaptive refresh rates and a 4ms response time. You could plug two inputs into this baby and have two different displays on each side of the single panel. And it has HDR support with 1000 nits making this one monitor that could do really well with movies on your desktop.

The UR59C is their 4K gaming monitor with FreeSync support but you'll only get a max of 60Hz on this one. It's also a curved screen with very thin bezels. You can pre-order one now for $499.99.