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CES 2019: NVIDIA expands on G-SYNC with compatible monitors and an ultimate G-SYNC brand

by: John -
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G-SYNC is a pretty great tech and until last night, you had to get a certified G-SYNC monitor for it to work. Well, not any longer.

NVIDIA announced last night that a whole range of monitors have been designated as G-SYNC Compatible. NVIDIA went and tested a whole slew of monitors and taking advantage of the open-source Freesync spec, they are able to enable their tech on these monitors that meet their qualifications.

As NVIDIA tests these monitors, they'll release the ones that they deem compatible with G-SYNC but they are also releasing a tool to test monitors out there so you can see if your Freesync monitor is G-SYNC compatible.

I've heard from many folks that the reason they haven't gotten a G-SYNC monitor was that the added cost wasn't something they wanted to pay, but now there's going to be a slew of new choices in various price ranges to let you enjoy the benefit of tear-free gaming.

In addition, NVIDIA announced G-SYNC Ultimate as rebranding of G-SYNC HDR. We're talking 4K displays with 1,000 nit HDR support. HP will have a 65 inch display coming out in February.