Whoa, here's a "new" gameplay video of Remedy's Control that I didn't know existed until today

by: Nicholas -
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Remedy, developer of such acclaimed titles like Max Payne and contemporary shooter Quantum Break, has a new title coming out for PS4 and PS4 Pro called Control. We've written about the game before, for its E3 trailer and its most recent trailer in December 2018. But today I found something else on the game while digging through YouTube. 

Released in September 2018, below is a 20-minute gameplay video of an early build of Control. It follows Jesse Faden, who, on the day she walks into the Bureau of Control for a job interview, finds herself in the middle of an otherworldly invasion that takes over the building and its staff by a hostile organism(s) known only as the Hiss. 

Dynamic lighting, a near-absent hud, and tons of chaotic shooting reminiscent of John Woo style action flicks abound, as Jesse shoots, dodges, and uses mind powers to blast her way through the building. 

The gameplay demo is a treat to behold, as Remedy clearly makes the setting of the game a character in and of itself. From a semi-hubworld appearance, to side missions, there are lots of aspects that the developers are attempting to put into this game. 

Watch it for yourself, Control is purported to release in 2019.