Remedy's upcoming title Control gets a new trailer

by: Nicholas -
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If you read up on our posts from this year's E3, then you'll know that Remedy has a new title coming out called Control.

The glossy gameplay from that original trailer (click on the link above) are largely absent from Remedy's latest reveal, which you can view below. But the visual aesthetic is kept for this video, called the World Trailer. Max Payne voice actor James McAffrey explains the conceit of Control, which is that the Federal Bureau of Control investigates breaches of known earthly laws (at least as far as I could tell). Situated in a decidedly normal building, "there are rooms where other dimensions leak in". As McAffrey's smokey voice demurs about the world, the trailer intersperse shots of the building with little movement, save for the odd straggler running away from something offscreen. That, as well as dead bodies and strange, floating organisms that certainly look like bad guys.  

Absent is the player character from that first E3 trailer, and taking her place (at least for this bit of press) is the character Zachariah Trench, voiced by James McAffrey, who is now the acting director for the Bureau of Control. If you take a look at Remedy's YouTube channel for Control, you can still see that original protagonist front and center on the banner. 

Control is set to release in 2019 for PS4 and PS4 Pro.