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Boreal Alyph is the unofficial adaptation of Marc Laidlaw's Epistle 3

by: Nicholas -
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If you have ever heard of the game Half-Life, then surely by now you know that it's been more than forever since fans have gotten so much as an inkling of the resolution to the legendary series. Some fans' hopes saw light when, a little over a year ago, Valve veteran Marc Laidlaw posted Epistle 3, a meta-story on the long lost Half-Life 3

One group of developers, called Keep Away From Fire, took Laidlaw's story to heart, and as such, have begun work on a project they call Boreal Alyph, a video game adaptation of the proposed story for the conclusion to the Half-Life story. 

Purportedly using the Source Engine, the team shows its work in their attempts to bring the game up to contemporary standards of game design. Physically based rendering, advanced lighting techniques are at play to bring the game to speed. The video update, which you can view below, includes lots of gameplay and tech to show off what the devs have been up to. They also go to length stating that their goal is not to change the core mechanics of Half-Life 2, "only making useful additions, and much needed improvements".

As of right now, it's not entirely clear if Boreal Alyph is a standalone title like Black Mesa, or a huge mod to Half-Life 2. Whatever the case, I am just glad to see fans of the game bringing it to life with their own aspirations to game development. There is no word on a release date, however, a Q&A on the devs' website states that it will be released on Steam for free. Visit Keep Away From Fire's website here