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New Inside the Vault details next Patch on Dec 18th

by: Dan -
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It looks like Bethesda was able to quickly update the PC version of today's Fallout 76 patch without issues, so they have posted their next version of Inside the Vault, which outlines what to expect next week.  After squashing a ton of bugs and making major C.A.M.P. and PC upgrades in today's patch, next week will focus on behind-the-scenes process and stability improvements and community raised issued.  It will also be the last update in 2018 if everything is validated and successful upon deployment.  Below are the details from the Bethesda Post on the next update:

December 18
We’re still hoping to provide one more patch in mid-December. As mentioned previously, this patch will continue our focus on stability and other concerns raised by the community. If we do move forward with this patch, it will be the last one this year as we shift our focus toward updates we have planned for early 2019, which will include new game content, many additional bug fixes, and more changes based on your feedback. We’re still determining the status of this update and will keep you posted as this date approaches.