Look out Below—Capybara's little opus launches next week, really

by: Randy -
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It's well and truly happening. Below found a launch date. And it's December 14, just next week. While my writing looks calm, cool and collected, I'm struggling to not string hundreds of exclamation points together in order to convey my excitement (!!!!!!!!!!!!).

Capybara Games, makers of Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP and Super Time Force, has, through thick and thin, managed to nail down a release date for a game that many—myself wholeheartedly included—have been waiting for since it was first announced at E3 2013. Heck, Below was going to be an Xbox One system seller for me. I finally had to curb my enthusiasm entirely after Below missed its Summer 2016 launch window and, for the most part, went radio silent. But here we are. Together. Standing around a cold, lifeless campfire, shoulder to shoulder against the deep and the dark. Who knew this day would finally come?

Below is an action-adventure roguelike. And, I don't know, the mood, the movement, and the art style managed to kidnap my imagination. To be so physically small against the darkness so physically monstrous in size. To peel away at that darkness, one step at a time. To draw swords against creatures that've never seen the light. And to do it with such wordless confidence. 

Below. December 14. PC and Xbox One. Tell your friends.

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