Forza Horizon 4 entering Winter again

by: Dan -
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While Winter is starting to descend are large parts of the U.S., the folks driving around the English Countryside in Forza Horizon 4 are also seeing a changing of the seasons.  With seasons changing frequently (weekly), a new cycle starts over every four weeks.  Today, we enter into Winter, which means some new goodies are up for grabs.

In this version of Winter, there will be three new Season Events, seven daily challenges, one weekly challenge, 2 new cars (2018 Chevy Deberti Drift Truck and 1965 Peel Trident) along with new items in the Forza Shop.  The big prize is the new car available in the Forza Shop, which is the GYMKHANA10 Ford Focus RS RX.  Lots to do, complete and purchase this week, but the clock is ticking.