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Black Armory is live in Destiny 2

by: Rob -
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The Black Armory is open for business, and the quests to build the weapons are also kicking Destiny 2's Guardians in the teeth. Alongside the release of the Black Armory, light levels have been bumped 50 points to a new max of 650 and the subsequent bump to the enemies populating the new co-op experience in the Volundr Forge is offering a fresh challenge to those who would dare test its mettle. 

Access to the Black Armory and the forges are available as part of the Annual Pass. The annual pass is $34.99 as a standalone purchase or is part of the Destiny 2: Forsaken - Digital Deluxe Edition which kicks off at $79.99. In addition the the paid content, there will be additional events scattered throughout this season that are not behind any paywall like The Dawning and Crimson Days.