The next Far Cry game is coming for Fallout's lunch

by: Randy -
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Ubisoft just threw out a teaser for the next Far Cry game. Presumably Far Cry 6, but I don't want to be too hasty. Things start off in what looks like a Thomas Kinkade painting—and in the backyard of Far Cry 5's Montana—then throws in a good ol' atomic bomb mushroom cloud in the background. Is Ubisoft finally going to push its contemporary settings into a near-future post-apocalypse? The answer appears to be a resounding yes. Fire and flames, a staple of the Far Cry series, is shown burning up the wheat fields (don't start rejoicing too soon, gluten-free fans), as everything is turned to ash, then the rains bring life once again, revealing a rosy and vibrant after-the-fall world that nonetheless has humans scavenging for nuclear-punk ammo to shoot at each other, and hydraulic exoskeletons to wield it. Good stuff.

Look out Bethesda, Ubisoft wants in on some of that pre-war-money pie. Dan Hay is done playing second fiddle to Todd Howard's open worlds. And with the general displeasure surrounding Fallout 76 [Gaming Nexus score 6.5 out of 10], Ubisoft's hostile takeover of post-apocalyptic Americana couldn't come at a more opportune time.

Ubisoft will pull back the curtains even further on this new Far Cry at The Game Awards Thursday night.