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UPDATED: Fallout 76 Maintenance appears to be taking longer than expected

by: Dan -
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[UPDATE: DAN]  And wouldn't you know it, as soon as I post, it comes back online.  Happy hunting!

In what could only be explained as brutal, the Patch for Fallout 76 that was to be delivered today for PC and console gamers is still not complete.  It kicked off per Bethesda's Twitter feed at 9:13 am EST, and the last tweet was at 12:52 pm EST that it was "still ongoing."  That was almost two hours ago.  All told, we are at five+ hours and counting.  It appears the issue is on the server side, as my PC client updated already without any issues.  Regardless, the last patch only had servers down for about 2.5 hours, so this appears to be a bit longer than expected.  We will keep you updated as to when it goes back online....