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This week's "Inside the Vault" provides little new info

by: Dan -
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Last week, Bethesda introduced a new series called "Inside the Vault" that promised to keep everyone up to date on happenings within the Fallout 76 universe.  It started off with a bang, with details on what to expect within the Dec 4th (today's) and Dec 11th patches.

Today, edition #2 dropped, and lets just say its doesn't have a lot of new meat on the bone.  The biggest news is probably the vague statement below, saying that in early 2019 there will be a bunch of new week of in-game events with what appears to be minor rewards. 

In addition, we are excited to announce that, starting in early 2019, we plan to release a variety of in-game events that will take place over the course of a week. These events will be different every time, and will often provide a small buff or create an interesting twist on normal gameplay.

As for the Dec 11th patch, it appears that they are still on track with the promised updates to the C.A.M.P. including the "bulldozing" feature.

December 11
We’re still on track to release the features and improvements we discussed in last week’s article, including new settings for PC players, C.A.M.P. improvements, and the ability to respec your SPECIAL points after level 50. This update will also include a new C.A.M.P. feature we’ve been referring to as “Bulldozing”. Any actual bulldozers that once existed in Appalachia have long since become useless hunks of metal. However, you can still use this feature to clear out rocks, small trees, and other debris to help make building objects easier than ever. This will happen automatically as you build on top of, or very near, these obstructions. We hope this patch will help your C.A.M.P.s feel more like home.
Lastly, they touch on what to expect on Dec 18th, which at first glance will be behind-the-scenes and stability updates and nothing from wish lists.
December 18
We hope to provide one more patch mid-December. This patch will continue our focus on stability and other concerns raised by the community. We’ll keep you updated about the status of this patch as we close in on December 18.
So we should have the patch notes for Dec 11th by the end of this week, so we will keep you posted.