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The Division Bringing some holiday cheer

by: Dan -
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Although UbiSoft released Tom Clancy's The Division previously, they are looking to bring some Holiday Season fun to the game and its players.  Starting on Dec 6th and running through Dec 20th, there will be a whole lot of giving going on, as new challenges, an exclusive Mask, a holiday cache and two global events will be available to partake in.  Check out the release schedule below along with the descriptions, or head over to the official site.

While it is technically always Christmas in Tom Clancy's The Division, we have a bunch of stuff planned for December to help make this time of year more special. It will be a busy month, with a new Shield, Global Events, Santa costumes, and a Holiday gift for you all!

December will bring another Shield challenge to The Division – Prime. To unlock this Shield, you will need to get your hands on three full sets of Classified Gear. Completing Shield challenges will unlock special rewards in The Division 2. On December 28-31, we will also be running a Double Field Proficiency Cache event to round up 2018 with some extra sweet loot (or crafting materials, if you are more inclined to deconstruct your rewards).

To celebrate the release of the Shield, the Holiday season and the upcoming launch of The Division 2, we will be giving you all a special Holiday gift in The Division! If you log in to The Division between December 6 and January 10, a brand new exclusive The Division 2 related Face Mask, Stripes, will be waiting for you at the Rewards Claim Vendor in the Base of Operations!

Global Event Outbreak and Blackout will make their return in December. Outbreak will be running December 6-13, and then replaced by Blackout, one of our most popular Global Events, from December 13-20! The Holidays are the time for both headshots and electrical puns. Those never get old, obviously.

Between December 6 and January 10, the Holiday Caches will once again be available at the Premium Vendor. Bought with Cypher Keys, these caches include the Santa outfit, popular amongst Rogue Agents everywhere in the Dark Zone. If you have not collected that set yet, now is your chance!

We are also introducing a new Collection Cache and making some changes to the current Encrypted Caches, which you can read more about on our website.