Shill your money to look like an urban cowboy with Barking Irons' Red Dead Redemption 2 clothing line

by: Nicholas -
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Arthur Morgan of Red Dead Redemption II has style. Whether starting out at the Overlook camp with his default clothing options, or going to the tailor in Saint Denis and sprucing himself up.

Well, if you always wanted to option the Cowboy look for yourself, now's your chance, as clothing brand Barking Irons has officially licensed Red Dead Redemption II fashion choices to help you look like a video game character. 

Here's the link for the store, and to its Instagram page for more pics. 

Personally, I am really self-conscious about my own fashion. I worry about color coordination way too much for my own good, and, leaning normcore, the brands I have taste for can sometimes run a little high. Luckily for me, I work at a retail store and get a ridiculous discount. 

The pieces here look nice, however I do want to be clear that I do not endorse them. I am simply writing about it. If I could feel and try the pieces on, I might adjust my tone, but suffice it to say, they look nice. 

Giddyup you hipsters.