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You can get Battlefield V for half off right now, ends tomorrow

by: John -
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Haven't picked up Battlefield V yet? Well, here's your chance. Gamespot is reporting that Target has the game on sale for consoles at a low, low price of $29.99. Yup, that's half off for a game released last Tuesday. If you're a PC gamer, you can pick it up from Amazon for $39.88 or 34% off. 

Jeremy thought the game would appeal to fans, but not bring anyone new in. EA's got a roadmap laid out on upcoming features, but at its current iteration, it's just an average game at best. I found the beta to be OK, but not very compelling.

We've seen a trend of games that have gone on very good sales quickly after their release. The lesson is, don't pre-order, wait for reviews, and pick it up a week or two after as there's a good chance there'll be a big price drop soon after release these days.

As for the half off sale, chances are it'll go back up back to its original price after tomorrow so don't delay if you are thinking on picking it up.