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BattleTech adds Cyclops, Hatchetman, and Crab in today's Flashpoint expansion

by: Randy -
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BattleTech, my most obvious contender for strategy game of the year, just launched the BattleTech: Flashpoint expansion today. These are, in their own words, high-stakes branching short stories. Flashpoint is meant to take end-game players even further down the rabbit hole of mercenary life. 

You've got lush tropical settings to stomp on. You've got the melee-happy Hatchetman to do it with. Not to mention the Crab and the Cyclops mechs, too. Thirty hours of new content. Or, if you've milked the storyline campaign, you can even roll a fresh crew off in a fresh part of the galaxy without the story. Just you and your new crew, ready to drop in ship #2, the Argo.

Battletech: Flashpoint is already part of the season pass. BattleTech: Urban Warfare is coming Summer 2019, and Expansion 3's launch is further out on the horizon, TBD.