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MtG Arena finally allows friends to battle it out

by: Jeremy -
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Finally, what is arguably the most requested feature for Magic: the Gathering Arena, is available in the game. You can now directly challenge your friends and play head to head. This opens the possibility for lots of fun and experimenting in the game.

Want to play with someone specific for fun? Go ahead! Need to test out some new decks or work on crafting new brews? Have at it! Would like like to challenge your friends to specific, deck building contests? Now is your chance!

The process is pretty simple. You and your opponent simply have to click on the “Direct Challenge” option in the game. Then you will each need to type the other person’s username along with the given 5-digit code and then click “Battle”.

Okay, now if we can just get the card catalog to expand beyond the Standard format, then this game could absolutely explode. Oh, and can we get EDH added as well? Thanks in advance!