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The apocalypse is appropriately over the top in the latest Darksiders III trailer

by: Nicholas -
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The latest trailer for Darksiders III sheds more light on the character Fury's quest in a long-ravaged Earth. A dark, gravelly voice addresses Fury in her quest to find the Seven Deadly Sins, and Fury retorts with snappy lines like "Did they cancel the apocalypse and forget to tell me?" while images of the creatures that represent the Seven Deadly Sins roll by onscreen. 

Hacking and slashing commence, along with plenty of out-there performances to accompany the hellish landscape that Earth has become. 

The old-school protagonist War, from the very first Darksiders title, also makes an appearance, hinting that something sinister is going on underneath the sinister protagonist's very nose. 

Sinners rejoice (or cower?) when Darksiders III releases November 27th, 2018.

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