Sony reveals PlayStation Store Black Friday deals early

by: Dan -
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Its official, we are within a week of the infamous Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving where retailers traditionally see their largest one-day sale of goods, break  into the positive (black) on the balance sheet for the year and hosting some fabulous sales.  This extends to the digital realm as well, but the rules are a bit different.  Companies can start and stop their sales whenever they want without worrying about foot traffic and the onslaught of irritable shoppers.

This year, Sony is opening their Black Friday PlayStation Store deals starting tomorrow (the hardware and subscription deals run roughly the same time frame), and they include some really good discounts for the PlayStation 4.  You can see the entire list over at the official site, but there are a total of 174 titles listed that range from 10% discount (Red Dead Redemption 2, NBA 2K19 VC Packs) to a whopping 80% off (Tom Clancy's The Division) with a whole heck of a lot between 40% to 60% off.

The sale is slated to end on 11/27 at 8:00 AM PST, so you have some time to think about which titles are worth the discount and adding to your collection.