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Sea of Thieves weekly dev update focuses on The Arena multiplayer

by: Dan -
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Its that time again, when rare Executive Produce Joe Neate walks us through his weekly Sea of Thieves developer update.  With X018 coming last week and it being announced that Sea of Thieves would be getting 

Joe gets into Shrouded Spoils first, which is the next content update which is coming late November.  At this point they are into the final stages of testing and the content update trailer is being produced currently.  Joe talks about his mistake going after a skeleton ship and how it hammered him once he attacked.

Secondly, he goes into the experience and announcements from X018 in Mexico City last week, specifically getting into some info on The Arena which was announced at the show.  I encourage you to take a view and see where the udpates are at and where they are headed.