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Vermintide II teases a return to Ubersreik

by: Nicholas -
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Medieval fantasy exterminator simulator Vermintide II has a DLC pack coming out in December 2018, and developer Fatshark is bringing back three levels from the series' previous entry for the DLC.

Confirming at least one level, called Horn of Magnus, will return in the "Back to Ubersreik" pack. The levels coming back are described as being chosen "based on playtime in the first game".  

The accompanying teaser is as scant on details as the press release Fatshark sent out shows a castle overcast by clouds and graying sunlight. I haven't played the first game, so I unfortunately have no idea what that means. 

Vermintide II - Back to Ubersreik releases December 2018 for PC and Xbox One. A more solid release date is planned to be announced soon.