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Galactic Civilizations III getting Star Control: Origins themed DLC next week

by: Rob -
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Titled Heroes of Star Control: Origins, the latest DLC for the 4X Galactic Civilizations III is going to be a Stardock IP crossover. The DLC will feature 4 new playable factions from the Star Control universe each with unique ships, parts, traits, diplomatic behaviors, and AI.

Speaking of Star Control: Origins, it also has new DLC out, the Multiverse, which released free with the version 1.1 patch from about 2 weeks ago. That DLC adds new mods and the ability to "create your own quests, stories, and adventures with custom characters, dialogue, and more." More details at the official site.

Heroes of Star Control: Origins releases November 12th. It will be prices at $5.99 on Steam, GOG, and GalCiv3.com. More details can be found on the blog post at the official site. And if you're entirely unfamiliar with Star Control, have a peek at my review or check out the trailer below.