This War of Mine gets a complete edition and it's coming to Nintendo Switch

by: Nathan -
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This War of Mine is one of the most emotion, thought provoking, and in my opinion, one of the most important games ever made. The original reveal trailer for the game came at just the right time. At the peak of when all these "modern warfare" games were being released. This War of Mine comes along and reminds everyone that for a lot of people around the world, War is not a game. It's a very real situation that they have to face daily. Now I am not saying that war games can't be fun, they are and I love them. Hell, I play Call of Duty every year, but the point is that it's important to have these kinds of games as well. No matter how many times I play this and see the same scenarios play out, I still feel horrible having to make certain decisions. 

Anyways This War of Mine was released on multiple consoles and had some expansion packs as well including "The Little Ones" and "War Stories" and it's coming to Nintendo Switch later this month. The Nintendo Switch version will include The Little Ones, Father's Promise and War Child DLC.

This War of Mine: Complete Edition launches on Nintendo Switch on November 27th