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DLC Impressions - Antigraviator: Viper Trails

by: Russell -
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Recently I got the opportunity to check out the first DLC content for Antigraviator that came out in October, but since it's just a DLC pack and not a full game review, I decided to post some quick thoughts. The first addition to the game is the new Venom Class Grav which is unlocked from the start upon purchasing the DLC. Compared to the default Thunderbolt Class you start out with, the Venom has much better handling and acceleration, but slightly less shield duration and it takes a massive hit to the hull, meaning it doesn't take much for the Venom to go boom when grinding up against the walls. The Venom is better than the Crocco Class, but not by much with slightly better handling and twice the hull strength. Give the Crocco has poor hull strength to begin with that's not saying much.

The DLC pack also has three new tracks as well as the reverse versions of all three: The Last Jungle, Robin's Wood, and Colliding Pines. The tracks are pretty good overall as you twist your way around the various curves in the forest. Since you now have a few new tracks, a new "Extended" option is available in the campaign. This includes includes the Titanium and Carbon leagues, the former of which is automatically unlocked while the latter needs to be unlocked to play, but they both contain the new tracks.  I also noticed a severe lack of something that I kind of didn't like when I first reviewed the game: there seems to no longer be an entrance fee to play a league in the campaign. However, it does appear that you need to finish a league in a certain place to unlock the next one, but I'll take that over paying credits to compete in a league, doing horribly, and having to redo the previous leagues to get enough credits to try the later ones again.

Overall, for $5.99 the DLC pack is pretty good.  You're getting three new tracks, the reverse versions of those tracks, a new Grav which is pretty fun to use, a new Mirror option which flips a track horizontally (so if you'd go left around a curve, it's now to the right), and finally a new Hybrid race mode which is a variation on Pure Mode, but reintroduces traps and speed boosts, but still seems to leave out any pickups. Overall for $5.99 you're getting quite a bit so if you enjoy the base game, the DLC is worth checking out.