Pottery Barn Teen has a collection "inspired" by PlayStation

by: Dan -
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Almost every gamer I know has some sort of swag, and maybe some furniture or furnishings in their home that pays homage to their gaming background.  For some, it is a nice novelty, for others, it is a part of their DNA that they would spend whatever it takes as they cannot not live without.  For Pottery Barn Teen, they seem to be falling in the latter category, as they now have a collection of items for sale at PBteen that were "inspired" by PlayStation that are ridiculously overpriced.  And by inspired, I mean officially licensed with the PlayStation logos on them.

Looking through the five options, there is:

  • Gaming Media Console inspired by PlayStation® - $1,099
  • Acrylic Cubby inspired by PlayStation® - $69
  • Icon Wall Light inspired by PlayStation® - $199
  • Beanbag inspired by PlayStation® - $249
  • Lounge Table inspired by PlayStation® - $399

While the furniture may be high quality, that is still an awful lot to spend for officially Licensed Sony PlayStation gear, unless you are an absolute diehard and these complete your game room perfectly.  They appear to be targeting kids, based on them being listed on the Pottery Barn Teen website, but I think there is a kid still in all of us, even those that actually have the ability to afford to buy any of these items.