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Create your own undead work force in Graveyard Keeper's new Breaking Dead DLC

by: Zach -
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Graveyard Keeper has released a free DLC on Steam, called Breaking Dead. The new update opens up a new item for players to construct in the morgue, called the Resurrection Table. The table allows you to reanimate the corpses you should be burying in order to automate all your least favorite parts of graveyard keeping.

Re-animated workers will be able to harvest resources such as wood and stone. They can also maintain parts of your estate, such as maintaining your garden or crafting items. Zombies can also be used to develop supply chains, carrying items to market and selling them for an improved price. Not all zombies are equal, though, so you may need to swap out some key organs to enhance your undead helper's skill sets.

This update seems like a really great way to keep a single player game moving. One of the biggest things I always want in games like Graveyard Keeper is a method of process automation, so that I can start to abstract away the tedious, menial tasks that have grown old after hours and hours of gameplay. Breaking Dead seems aimed to bring those people back who love to focus on the macro of a game through process optimization. Plus, it helps that it's done in an incredibly clever way that seems to build nicely off the world that Graveyard Keeper creates.