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Soul Calibur VI lines up another guest character

by: Jeremy -
More On: NieR: Automata Soul Calibur 6

Fans went ballistic when it was announced that Soul Calibur VI would launch with a special, guest character in the starting lineup in the form of Gerald from the WItcher. Well, they are doing the same with this weekend’s announcement of of the first DLC character for the game who just happens to be another gust. NieR: Automata’s 2B is heading to the Stage of History!

2B isn’t just getting inserted into the roster either. It looks as if she is getting her own stage, music, weapons, and custom parts to be used in the game’s create-a-fighter mode. She is being integrated via Ivy’s storyline judging from her debut trailer (shown below). 

There is no specific release date yet for 2B, but she appears to be the first DLC character coming to the game.