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Vampyr will suck the blood out of Switch in the not-too-distant future

by: Sean Colleli -
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Don'tNod's runaway hit action adventure title Vampyr is all-but confirmed for a Switch release, thanks to a financial report from the game's publisher, Focus-Home Interactive. Game Informer picked up on the report, which states:

"In Q3, the Group will continue to maximize the potential of the Vampyr licence," the report reads. "After the game's impressive success on PC, Xbox One, and PS4, it will be Nintendo Switch's turn to welcome the Dontnod title to reach an even wider audience."

The Q3 there implies that we're looking at a release before the end of 2018, although I wouldn't be surprised if it gets delayed. I'm just excited that Vampyr is coming to Switch; I've been following the game since Don'tNod announced its development. My wife is eager to play it too and I was about to pull the trigger on a PS4 copy, but maybe I can convince her to wait until the Switch port arrives. Stay tuned for a full release date.

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