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Rare drops Sea of Thieves Developer update and Bilge Rat Adventures videos

by: Jen -
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Rare dropped a couple of Sea of Thieves videos today, with the first focusing on the upcoming content Bilge Rat Adventures, and the second being a new Developer Update.  For the Bilge Rat Adventures: Festival of the Damned, which releases on Oct 31st, the 34 second clip shows off a brief glimpse of the characters and ends with the promise of playing to unlock and pay for cosmetics. 

Fortunately, rare has a site dedicated to the release, so you can read all about who the Bilge rates are, what they do and what they can offer you are your crew.

The developer update features Executive producer Joe Neate covering the next content update coming in November as well as discussing the prior releases and how they have been building the game for the future.  He discusses many game dynamics that have been updated and plan to be introduced, such as pirate legend goals, environment updates such as fog and ambient noises and so on.  Take a watch of the 7:30 video to catch all of the insight Joe is offering.