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Magic: the Gathering Arena continues to evolve

by: Jeremy -
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It has only been a month since Wizards of the Coast launched the new and improved form of digital-MtG  to the masses and the game has grown exponentially in such a short time. Magic: the Gathering Arena continues to evolve and improve week after week in its current beta form, but some of the biggest and most needed additions to the game are just on the horizon.

The first announced additions, which will be added this weekend, are called Streamer Events and will offer special game types influenced by popular MtG: Arena streamers. This weekend’s events will consist of the following:

Day[9]’s Insta-Ban: bring a custom deck to the battlefield, but no Instant card types are allowed

Gaby’s Greedy Dominaria Draft: a specialized Dominaria draft where players can play 2 lands per turn, start with 9 cards in their hand, and there is no maximum hand size

These new varieties will certainly create some interesting games for both players and viewers of the game online. Wizards has also announced that one of the game’s most demanded features is finally coming in the next month: direct play with friends. Soon you wil be able to challenge your personal friends directly and take to the battlefield with your own custom decks. Now, if we can only get the inclusion of 3- and 4-player games and the EDH game type, we can all be happy.