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Next B.E.T.A. sessions for Fallout 76 Announced

by: Jen -
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The Fallout 76 B.E.T.A. fired up this week for Xbox One pre-order folks and it appears to be a smashing success based on Twitter impressions as well as no major issues uncovered so far.  With the first couple of sessions wrapped up (reminder this isn't a 24/7 operation), Bethesda has announced the next two B.E.T.A. sessions for this upcoming weekend:

- Saturday, Oct. 27 - 5pm ET to 7pm ET
- Sunday, Oct. 28 - 12pm ET to 2pm ET

Don't worry, if you miss these, there will be more sessions with extended hours coming soon, especially with the PS4 and PC folks slated to join the B.E.T.A. next Tuesday.