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Week one free loot coming to Battlefield V for the delay

by: Rob -
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Battlefield V was meant to launch last week, but was pushed to next month with a release date of November 20th. That stinks but if it's going to make for a better game with less day 1 bugs and what not then it's worth the wait. The good news is, the wait is also going to reward the fans who jump right in with some exclusive loot. Any player who logs into Battlefield V in the first week after launch is going to get the exclusive Oscar Mike gift. The name is pulled from the NATO Phonetic Alphabet and is used in military jargon to describe when someone is “On the Move.” The gift will appear in the armory for those early adopters and will include: 

  • OSCAR MIKE HELMET – Headgear for the Allied faction that players will be able to equip on any of their Allied soldiers

  • OSCAR MIKE EMBLEM – A collectible emblem that players can equip and then show up on their Company Tanks, Planes and Weapons during gameplay

With the Beta wrapped up and eagerly anticipating the full release, I guess we will have to subsist on the promise of free week one loot and regular content coming from the official YouTube channel for now..