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Samsung announces the HMD Odyssey+

by: John -
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Windows Mixed Reality is really a good platform after recent updates have added a lot of great features to it. I own a Samsung Odyssey and until recently, it has been my go to HMD for VR.

Yesterday, Samsung announced an update dubbed the Samsung HMD Odyssey+. This iterative update looks to improve upon many of the criticisms of the Odyssey.

You're looking at a lighter headset with a similar design as the previous one. What I'm really interested in seeing is the Anti-SDE Amoled that looks to greatly reduce the screen door effect in a lot of headsets. I think they're doing a diffusing effect to achieve this, but it remains to be seen how effective this really is.

The nose area has expanded as well as the eye box while retaining the IPD adjustment but keeping the same FOV. A great addition is the Bluetooth module that the controllers rely on. Hopefully, this eliminates many of the Bluetooth issues that some folks have seen.

Reports are the Odyssey+ is available today for $499, but so far I haven't seen it on the Samsung site or the Microsoft site to be purchasable. I'm seriously considering of upgrading my Odyssey to the Odyssey+ for my virtual sim needs as the improvements in the screen would really improve the level of immersion in the setup.