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It's all kicking off in Destiny 2 today

by: Rob -
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What's kicking off? Everything.

Everything? Festival of the Lost, Iron Banner, Update 2.0.4, the Shattered Throne Dungeon, everything. Lot to unpack.

First of all, the update. Full details are on Bungie site, but the gist of the latest tweaks to Destiny 2 are: Sleeper finally got nerfed to help make Gambit great again, all other linear Fusion rifles got buffed, Titans and Warlocks got some tweaks, Hunters got basically nothing despite a painfully broken throwing knife mechanic that switches that powerful action into a much weaker lunging stab at ranges it should never be procc'ing at turning PvP duels on their head from wins to losses (but Bungie hates hunters so why should they fix it?), Iron Banner bounty difficulty was reduced, and a bunch of bug fixes and tweaks.

Speaking of Iron Banner, it's on, those bounties are easier to claim for the powerful gear rewards, it's giving double Valor points until the weekend when the bonus ramps to triple Valor, and Lord Saladbar is offering the Sniper and Pulse rifles for purchase.

We've also got Festival of the Lost starting up. The Halloween themed event includes masks, candy, loot, mystery, and a trailer you can see below.

And finally, it is the third week in the Taken corruption rotation in the Dreaming City and that means the single most difficult endgame activity, the Shattered Throne dungeon, is available to try and conquer. It rewards the start of the Last Wish exotic bow quest but be warned, enemies scale to 580 and 590 light and you'll need a fireteam at 580 to really stand a chance (or a very good fireteam at 570 and a penchant for a bit of masochism).