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Cities: Skylines – Industries attends to my hungry supply and logistics needs

by: Randy -
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In Cities: Skylines, many people get their rocks off making bigger and bigger cities, naturally. That makes perfect sense, given the game's title. I tend to go the other direction, though. I do the opposite of "paving paradise to put up a parking lot." I love dirt roads and rural life. When not focused on that in city-building sims, however, I like crafting supply chains. I like industry. I like collecting resources, getting those resources to manufacturers, then getting those manufactured goods to retailers and ultimately into the hands of consumers. You'll have to pardon me, I'm part of the logistics department for my day job. Look at me not falling asleep during supply chain management seminars!

My personal needs are being met with Cities: Skylines – Industries. It's all about the game's big four industries: forestry, farming, ore, and oil. You first find the land that matches the industry you want to build (e.g. fertile land is conducive to farming), "paint" the area to designate it for (in this case) farming, hit the Garbage & Industry tab and locate the appropriate industrial structures (like the Farm Main Building), and that fully turns the area you just painted into the designated industry. Having done that, it gives you access to all the industry-specific buildings (such as Large Crops Greenhouses), and then all the buildings intertwine to begin working together in an industrial ecosystem. Ahhhhh, wonderful stuff.

Along with the industry-specific buildings, the expansion also comes with new roads, cargo airports, a post service, new industry-focused maps, and a lot of new assets. These first two tutorial videos—which are just a rapid-clip overview of the different features—are put together by YouTuber TwoDollarsTwenty, and dude looks like he knows how to put together awesome-looking cities.

Cities: Skylines – Industries launches October 23 on PC.