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Fishing: Barents Sea gets crabby

by: Dave -
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Fishing: Barents Sea, which we reviewed here, concluded with the following statement: "I actually learned a lot about fishing from Fishing: Barents Sea, but I’m not sure the game fully conveys what a difficult and dangerous job it is. Nor does it need to. Mike Rowe has taken care of that."

Well, to be honest there was a little bit of misdirection in that statement; we all know that Mr. Rowe had a show that aptly demonstrated a very different kind of fishing than that modeled in the game: crab fishing.

That little problem has been solved, albeit not quite yet.

Some time in November, there will be DLC available that will expand the types of fishing available in the game with the addition of King Crab fishing, just like Mr. Rowe introduced us to. As we all saw in the show, it is not an easy or especially safe thing to do.

Just like any other species of prey in the game, the majestic king crabs will be located by sonar. Once you figure out where they are, you will lower baited pots to the seabed instead of the usual nets or string lines. After enough time has passed, you will hopefully pull in the pots loaded with crabs. Also unlike the species you're used to clubbing and gutting, the crabs have to be separated by gender. Only males go to market, while the females get thrown back in the hopes that they will birth even more crabs for you to catch.

There will also be a new pair of boats to use. Both of the new boat are, naturally, fully equipped for catching the lucrative king crabs.

The King Crab DLC will be available on Steam™ in November 2018, but no price has been announced. There is currently one other DLC available and it goes for $6.99, so that may or may not be a hint.