What's this thing in my Steam Library - Zeus' Battlegrounds

by: Eric -
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For today's episode of "What's this thing?", I decided to take a looks at Industry Games' new free-to-play battleground game, Zeus Battlegrounds.

As usual, I have never touched the game before starting the stream, so this is my raw first attempt at playing a new battleground game. Though I fumbled around a bit learning the controls and the loot dynamics, I feel like I did pretty well for myself, coming in the top five for both rounds I played.

Zeus' is pretty fun, and it seems like it would be even better if enough people were playing to really blow out the servers and fill the battles up 100+ players. The rounds I played were populated by about 25 players, which made for some slightly lonely battleground-ing (though it was a nice way to learn the game).

I feel like there are still a lot of fun secrets to discover in Zeus, and the game is free to play, so why not?. The mix of magic and melee combat is fun (though I obviously am terrible at it), and well worth a look. I could really see this game picking up an audience among players like me who are adverse to shooting and are looking for something a little more fanciful and dynamic.