What's this thing in my Steam library - Pig Eat Ball

by: Eric -
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Pig Eat Ball is a wackadoodle arcade/puzzle mashup, recently released on Steam, and coming soon to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. I do not exaggerate, this game is hysterical and bonkers. 

I had a blast playing through the first several levels of Pig Eat Ball this morning while drinking my coffee, and I recorded the session for posterity. I would highly recommend snagging this one on Steam, or keeping an eye out for a release date on console. This game also feels custom made for Switch, so I wouldn't surprise me to see Pig Eat Ball eventually make its way to Nintendo's hybrid.

Take a look and let me know what you think. The laughs are genuine. 

Also - be sure to check out around the 22:15 mark to hear my dope new jam - "I am ze pig-ball-eater". I write songs. It's no big deal.