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Strange Brigade releases first of three-part expansion: The Thrice Damned Part 1 - Isle of the Damned

by: Nicholas -
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Rebellion, developer and publisher of Strange Brigade, the Greatest Video Game Ever Made, has announced the release of a first of three part DLC for its co-op shooter, titled The Thrice Damned Part 1 - Isle of the Dead. 

Accompanying the announcement was a gameplay trailer, and also the inclusion of a DLC character named Tessie Caldwell, part of the American Aviatrix pack. 

Isle of the Dead looks like it packs lots of skeletons, explosions, mystical ancient gods, and sand (it takes place on some islands). 

The trailer is fast and flighty, but wow does this game look good. Personally, I can't believe I haven't heard of it until now. I'm not one for looks when it comes to video games (I'm still playing Far Cry 2), but wow does this game look gorgeous. And the gameplay looks frenetically fun to boot. 

The Tessie Caldwell DLC character also makes her mark on the trailer, packing both ice and fire power-ups. It is definitely an effective way of seeing what impact new DLC can bring to another set of new DLC.

Both The Thrice Damned Part 1 and the American Aviatrix pack are available now. They are both included in the season pass.

Rebellion also announced that all players would have access to new content for Horde Mode and Score Attack from a free update. The content includes the Tunnels map for Horde Mode and the levels Towering Temple II and Burning Village II for Score Attack.