This December you can virtually explore Pandora in Borderlands 2 VR

by: Russell -
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When someone asks me what game I have the most playtime on in Steam, my answer without even thinking about it is Borderlands 2. I've put countless hours into exploring the various locales around Pandora, taking down bandits, and picking up every sweet piece of loot I can find. Part of me kind of wishes I could literally be a vault hunter...and this December I'll be getting my wish as Gearbox has announced that Borderlands 2 VR will be hitting the PS4 on December 17th.

However, there will be a few things different from the original Borderlands 2. Sadly this will be a single player experience only, which can be a bit of a turn off since a lot of the fun of the Borderlands games are getting a group together to run around Pandora and being able to take on tougher enemies, but having them drop more valuable loot. On the flip side though is that any skills that relied on teamwork will be retooled a bit, such as Maya's Res ability, which let you Phaselock a teammate while they're in Fight For Your Life mode to instantly resurrect them, will now be called Empathy, which depletes half of your health and damages enemies based on how much health you lost. There will also be a new mechanic called BAMF, or BadAss Mega Fun Time, which lets you slow down time for more precise shots. While I'm not a huge VR fan due to getting motion sickness from any VR game with a lot of motion, I'm actually looking forward to checking this out in a couple of months.

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